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Investing in yourself

Have you caught yourself deliberating over whether you want to spend a big amount of money on education? Then you might get some valuable impulses from this blog article. So read on!

The value of education

I work in the education industry. I support people to gain the skillset and mindset they need for their next career step. I do this by sharing insights from my theoretical education and the practical experiences I’ve gathered over the last 10 years of working in major companies.

Having the right skillset and mindset makes the difference between having a fulfilled career and dragging yourself to an uninspiring office for 40+ years.

So the value of education is obvious. And value usually has its price. And while I do enjoy frequently giving away bits of knowledge for free on LinkedIn, that doesn’t pay the bills.

What we spend our money on

We all spend money on things that we need to “survive”, like rent, food and health care.

And then we have a chunk of available income that we spend on whatever we enjoy, for example restaurants, fashion and electronics.

Have a look at your last credit card statement. How much did you spend on education, for instance business books, classroom trainings and online courses?

Do you have to go through several bills before you find your most recent investment into education?

Compare it to what you spent on leisure.

Choosing education over entertainment

I spend a lot of money on educating myself. As a solo entrepreneur, I don’t have an HR department that has a budget for me and a list of courses I am enrolled for. And as a matter of fact, many companies cut training budgets, even in good years, let alone in a Covid year.

And here I was this afternoon thinking a very foolish thought. 11 months ago, I had signed up for a 1 year subscription for an online training platform. I was thinking whether I should renew it or not. Fact of the matter is: I had invested $200 and had watched only 2 or 3 of the courses. So spending another $200 seemed like a bad idea.

Wait a minute. Looking back, the learnings were worth a lot more than the price I paid. And it was my own decision to take such little advantage during the past 11 months. Often, I was prioritizing easy-going entertainment and spent hundreds of hours on that streaming platform we all love.

I renew my subscription for the movie platform every month without questioning it for a second. So why on earth was I deliberating if I should invest another $200 into the training platform?

The moment I realized how idiotic the thought was, I entered my credit card details and renewed my subscription.


Especially in times where companies cut budgets for education, it’s time for individuals to take care of their own education. And that doesn’t necessarily mean spending $10.000+ on an MBA. There are so many great offers (online and offline) that are well invested.

This is nothing new. So maybe what it needs is a shift in your mindset.

Make yourself aware of this in your daily purchasing decisions. How easily do you spend money on things that don’t bring you further? And how much thought do you put into investing into something that lets you grow?

See if you can exchange the two. Deliberate if you really need to buy another T-shirt that will fall apart after this season. And instead, go ahead and buy the book that will teach you something useful, even if it costs $30.

You're worth it.