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Your personal brand


Major companies spend enormous sums of money every year to convey a certain image. Just think of Apple, BMW or Red Bull. What about you? Good news: you don’t need to spend the same amount of money. Even better news: you can get a solid personal brand for free. Find out more right here in this blog article. All it needs is some brain work and some time to define it. And then consistent actions to build it.


But why do you need a personal brand?

If you are an entrepreneur, you should be well aware of how important a brand is to be able to sell a product or a service. If not, be sure to read on, because otherwise you would definitely be missing out on amazing business opportunities.

If you are an employee in a company (no matter the size), you probably want to have a certain reputation. I’ve discussed this with many people, usually the desired reputation goes into qualities like trustworthy, competent or likeable etc. I rarely heard people wanting to be known as stupid, unreliable and choleric.

Being known for certain qualities opens and closes doors in your career. Do you want to be considered when a project team is put together, when it comes to being offered a promotion or a salary increase?

Well, these things are usually not offered to the stupid, unreliable, choleric people. They are offered to the trustworthy, competent, likeable people.

Attention, entrepreneurs: the same holds true for your products or services. People buy from people. Unless you hold a global monopoly, your customers have a choice.


What happens if you have a bad brand?

Let me tell you a true story, it just happened to me a few months ago. There I was in a seminar filled with fresh entrepreneurs. The trainer allowed each of us to introduce ourselves along with our products and services. We got the chance to collect feedback from others on what they liked/disliked. Boy, that can be tough.

One of the participants looked very annoyed from the very beginning. She was expecting a lecture from the trainer on how to optimize her marketing. She sighed heavily whenever one participant finished and the next one started.

In the early afternoon, she asked the trainer when we could finally start the lecture because she didn’t care about the other stories, she wanted input for her business.

Needless to say, no-one wanted to speak to her for the rest of the day and she was absent on the second day of the course.

The ironic detail: she was a photographer. One of the learnings out of day 2 was that good pictures convey a brand very well. And there we were, a dozen entrepreneurs who realized that we needed pictures.

Of course, Mrs. “I don’t care about your stories” did not get a call from any of us. Though she was certainly competent and had great equipment and was able to produce amazin pictures.

It doesn’t matter if you are unemployed and looking for a job, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or working in a major corporation. Or anywhere in between. You emit a brand. And you’d better be aware of it.


Your profile picture

You can find dozens of articles on this subject online, I won’t write a list of dos and don’ts here. Just let me be clear: having a good picture makes a big difference.

From what I’ve seen… self-made pictures usually look unprofessional. Especially in front of white walls. Top it off by having the door knob or a nail in the wall visible.

Invest in good pictures. Yes, this will cost some money. But with this investment, you can use excellent shots everywhere for the next couple of years. You will have pictures that amaze you (“wow, I didn’t know I could look so photogenic”). And people who check you out online will be impressed by your set of pictures (both professional and informal). You never know who is looking at your profiles.




This was just a short peek into this subject. Having a good personal brand makes a difference in your professional life. Don’t underestimate that. And don't underestimate how feeling happy and successful at work makes you a lot more relaxed in your private life as well. So why not apply a few career hacks to make it happen?

Would you like to learn more about this topic? Awesome, there are short career hacks, quotes and videos online waiting for you to be discovered on my social media channels.


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