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Sustainable learnings

My first priority is to understand and fulfill the wishes of the clients and the participants. That’s why I take time ahead of the training to discuss this with the clients and – if desired – with the participants. After this, I create a tailor-made offer.

The training itself takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. This ensures that the participants feel at ease from the very beginning. I am a firm believer that the place has a strong impact on the learning experience – this has been scientifically proven. That’s why my trainings take place in unusual seminar locations and/or outdoors. 

I spent several years working in major companies, including leading an international team. I only teach subjects for which I acquired practical experiences. I combine these with theoretical content from various sources (literature, zen meditation, music,…).

My unique concept is based on the combination of these four factors:

Training offer

I have several core topics which I teach with the most enthusiasm. Interactive learning is my approach, which means I avoid frontal presentations. I take the participants on the journey of discovering a subject using role plays, group assignments and hands-on experiences.

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Presenting with self-confidence

I like to discuss very openly with the particpants why we all feel uncomfortable in presentation situations. In a relaxed atmosphere we learn to accept our stress symptoms. The participants discover how they can show their personalities with full authenticity. And that‘s the key to convincing presentations.

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Unleash your creativity

Einstein said „we cannot solve problems using the same way of thinking we used to create them.“ Many of my participants were surprised to find how much creativity was hidden in them. And with this fresh mindset, they can roll out the next project in their company with many new approaches and ideas.

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Experience leadership

As a manager, I participated in several leadership seminars. Later on, I even designed role plays for them. Having a protected lab environment is the best way to understand how to deal with difficult situations. And the immediate feedback lets the participants become good leaders which are the key to having loyal employees.

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Improve your meetings

Meetings can be long and feel like a waste of time. But that does not have to be the case. I include learnings from Japanese zen meditation into this session. A unique approach which enables the participants to make the best out of meetings – so instead of wasting precious time, they create added value.

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Working in an intercultural environment

My mother is American, my wife is French, most of my business contacts are international. I enjoy sharing my experience with my participants. This way, they get a better sensibility of what it means to work with another culture. Be it as preparation for an assignment abroad or to improve the cooperation with their colleagues.