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Discover the joy of learning new things together!

Arrive, feel welcome, meet new people. We spend a relaxed day together at unusual places and laugh a lot.

You dive into subjects which might normally be stressful or boring – discover how much fun it can be to

learn something new in a small group.

Or do you prefer an individual training? Then I can take your individual wishes into account much more. We

define your personal targets and work towards them. When it comes to place or time, I adapt to your needs

– also on evenings, weekends or holidays.

Write me an e-mail and let’s arrange an initial meetup, without obligations of course.

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Presenting with ease

Why do we feel so nervous when we are presenting? What can we do to reduce stress symptoms? What do you concretely need to do to make the impression you would like to make? I will answer all these questions in this training. I share with you the practical experiences I acquired in my years in corporate life.

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Unleash your creativity

Do you want to find new ideas for your job? Are you looking for solutions for a private problem? You want to break free from old thinking patterns? In this training you will discover how a few simple creativity techniques can bring you many new ideas. Dozens of participants before you have realized: we are all creative!

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Experience leadership

Leading people is a very rewarding feeling, but it also brings many challenges. In this training, you will deal with difficult role play situations which are all taken from my experience in real life. The focus of this session is experimenting in a protected environment, so you can gain self-confidence for your leadership role.

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Improve your meetings

Meetings can be long and feel like a waste of time. That does not have to be the case! Learn in this training how you as meeting host or participant can improve the quality of your team meetings. I incorporate learnings from Japanese zen meditation into this training. What does that have to do with meetings? You will be surprised!

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Working in an intercultural environment

I want to make you more conscious of cultural differences and similarities. With a few tips you can adapt much faster to a new culture and avoid intercultural misunderstandings. My mother is American, my wife is French, my business contacts are mostly international. Let me share my knowledge with you.